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Are you an ambitious start-up or large company, wants to rank top of Google and drive targeted traffic to your website? Looking to build relevant, premium white hat backlinks to your website will help improve your Google rankings and beat your competitors.


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Why You Should Take This Course

It is preferable to refer to it as a workshop rather than a course. You’ll discover all you need to know about starting a job online right here. How to Start Your Own Online Company. Not only that, but freelancing can teach you the fundamentals of freelancing. You’ll be the ideal candidate for office work or customer service. So, let’s get started…

Which Service I Provide

I provide the finest quality content that is all you need to stand out in the never-ending competition in your respective industry. I help you achieve your desired business goals with rich and quality content that are SEO friendly which means my content will keep you and your business in the higher rank of SERPs which is now a must to survive in the competition regardless of the industries. I offer a one-stop solution when it comes to producing or developing content. My content writing service includes blog posts, article writing, ebook writing, product description, scriptwriting, copywriting, infographics, product review, meta description press release writing, etc.

I’m also available to assist you with authority link building, which is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You must improve the reputation of your website by linking back to other high-quality websites in order to see it rank higher in search engines. I can assist you in obtaining as many backlinks as possible from websites with high authority using either Domain Authority (DA), a Moz-developed search engine ranking score, or Domain Rating (DR), and Ahrefs-developed website authority measure. I assure you that your website or business will stand out from those of your competitors after availing of my service.

As one of the best search engine optimization specialists in Bangladesh, I offer a monthly basis SEO service. To survive in the competitive industry, you must make sure that your website is found on the search engine result pages and also ranked higher. I will help you to achieve so with my years of experience in the SEO field with the proven skillset. With my expertise, I will make sure to increase the visibility of your website by bringing organic traffic. The following search engine optimization services I provide to meet your business needs.

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website Support
  • Content Analysis and Strategy
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Technical Site Audit

Find Out Where You Need to Start

If you want to step up in the digital world either to get services or provide services as a professional freelancer but are not sure where to start from and how then please start exploring one of my services according to your requirement.

My Specialties

I have specialized skill sets in the below-mentioned areas i.e. SEO, Blogging & Mentoring


I have one of the best search engine optimization expert profiles in Bangladesh. My never-ending passion and curiosity have made me one of the best SEO specialists in Bangladesh. I have successfully completed loads of projects for local and international clients. I use advanced and updated SEO techniques to help businesses appear on the search engine result pages. I apply the updated Google Algorithm to make your appearance count on SERPs. I also follow Google Webmaster Guidelines. With years of experience in SEO, I have built one of the best digital consultancies in Bangladesh where a team of skilled SEO experts is ready to offer the best services to clients. I have also designed an SEO course by incorporating all the experiences to make people SEO experts.


Blogging is also a specialty of mine. I am an expert blogger. Nowadays, without good content, you cannot stand out in the competition. As an expert in digital marketing, I have built myself as a skilled writer as I know the importance of good content to attract organic traffic. I am good at well-structured blogs. I create audience-centric content. I keep my writings updated with respective industries. I always make sure to research thoroughly before creating content. I believe in making the content readable, useful, and consistent. And, being one of the best SEO experts in Bangladesh, I never forget to make my content SEO friendly by applying all the advanced SEO techniques.


Apart from being a full-time Inbound Certified Internet Marketer, I am a mentor. I believe in creating more leaders by mentoring the youths properly. One of my goals is to make the youths of Bangladesh self-dependent by sharing all the experiences and knowledge I have been able to gather after years of working. I believe, with the proper guidance, the youth of Bangladesh can bring positive changes to the country. All they need is proper mentoring. I have built one of the best digital consultancies in Bangladesh where a lot of people are not working rather growing to become self-dependent and a better person. Besides, I have launched a few courses through which I am mentoring people by sharing my experience and knowledge with them to make them successful in both professional and personal life.

What People are Saying

Let us hear from the satisfied and happy clients from all over the world

MMANIS’ service has exceeded my expectations. My site was nowhere in the SERPs, and I tried a number of services, but none of them were able to help. Then I went to the MMANIS team, who advised me to start with onpage SEO. I signed up for their service, and within three weeks, my website was on the first page of Google. They had the most successful search engine optimization technique. SEO service that comes highly recommended!
Ricardo Owens
Affiliate Marketer
You receive a lot more than conventional services with MMANIS. You benefit from their comprehensive strategic marketing skills and get advise that goes above and beyond what you’d anticipate because of their vast and diversified experience. Our outcomes continuously impress them.
Joel Burdine
Founder & CEO
I’ve only been working with MMANIS for a few months, but I have no reservations about recommending them. Their customer service has been exceptional, and they have far exceeded my expectations. I’ve dealt with a lot of SEO firms, but none of them compare to them.
Rhonda Key
I was seeking for a Bangladeshi SEO expert to take over my project and provide a solution for my specialized project. Thankfully, I discovered MMANIS through Google, and I’m now a frequent client. They have a superb balance of quality and adherence to deadlines. With practically all of my ventures, they have an established track record. Thank you for making my travel so pleasant and simple. I’ll never be able to express my gratitude sufficiently.
Ashley Hoyt
Executive Director

Competitive Price, Rank Guarantee, Well Reporting, 24×7 Support

I provide Google proof SEO service which will give you long-term sustainable ability in SERP. My working process is to help you to solve all of your site’s problems. Before starting work I research your full site and find out all ranking issues and give you a proper deep audit report.