A little bit ABOUT ME

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Hi and welcome to my website! I have the best job in the world, travelling everywhere I feel the calling.


I have been snapping photos of things around me since I was a kid and my father bought me my first camera. As a nature lover, my favorite things to capture were landscapes and wildlife. Once I started living life as an adventure, photographing became like a second nature. I truly hope you like my work! Download My CV.

This is Md Anisur Rahman, a full-time Inbound Certified Internet Marketer, professional blogger, and an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) who lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am 32 years old, Love to reading detective books is what I do while I don’t work on my blogs.

I personally love testing different search algorithms and tweak every phase of an SEO campaign to understand what works and what’s not and what’s happening inside of Google and other popular search engines like Bing & Yahoo.

I am happy about what I am doing for a living. I am happy for everything that I have done and got as an achievement. Alhamdulillah. Still, far way to go….miles to walk. But still, I am a happy guy like millions in Dhaka.

Like, most of the other boys in Dhaka right now; I also came in Dhaka from a village somewhere in Bangladesh named exactly Eliotgonj which is located at Daudkandi thana of  Comilla District.