A well-developed SEO strategy can help target quality traffic, making it an essential part of any successful inbound marketing campaign.

Outbound strategies allow you to reach out to consumers regardless of whether they want to hear what you have to say. By contrast, inbound marketing gives you access to prospects searching for products or services similar to yours.

MM Anis Academy provides content marketing and SEO services that allow small and large businesses to improve their search engine results exponentially.

Here’s a case study that illustrates how we helped our clients increase SEO traffic from 180K+ to 500K+ per month in just one year.


Case Study
Figure 1 – Case Study
Client Industry: Baseball
Started Working With Us:Decembar, 2021.
Organic Traffic When Started With Us: 55K (Ahrefs) – Estimated 180K Real Traffic.
Service We Provided: Outreach-based Guest Post Backlink Service.
Duration:12 Months
Backlinks Acquired:250+
Organic Traffic Now:145K (Ahrefs) – Estimated 500K+ Real Traffic.
Note:Ahrefs Always Underestimates Organic Traffic Number

Client’s Expectation Vs. Results

The client approached us in December 2021 with a limited amount of organic traffic on their website. The company wanted to double the amount of organic traffic within a year.

Do you know what’s going on?

As a result of our comprehensive SEO and content marketing campaigns, we were able to boost their organic traffic by more than three times within a year.

With the help of our customized content marketing strategy and backlink strategy, we were able to increase their estimated real organic traffic from 180K per month to 500K per month!

What Did We Do to Succeed?

Figure 2 – SEO

As an SEO professional, working with this client has been one of my most memorable experiences.

While the client was responsible for the ongoing content publication on their website, we were responsible for the off-page optimization (backlinks).

We made it possible by following these steps:

Step-1: Analyzing The Problem

Prior to working with MM Anis Academy, the client was hit with an algorithm update. Our first step was to identify the cause of the drop in search engine traffic. Based on our analysis, we found the following problems:

  • Unsatisfactory “Core Web Vitals“
  • Absence of “Search Intent” and
  • Insufficient niche-relevant high-authority backlinks.

During the first two weeks, we prioritized speeding up the website in order to ensure mobile compatibility. In addition, we tweaked the content to make it more search engine friendly.

Step-2: Figuring Out The Growth Potential

Our next step was to figure out whether there was room for growth in this area. As a result, we decided to identify 20-30 pages that came up on the 2nd to 15th page of Google’s search results. Our next step was to fix on-page optimization for those pages and then build a few strategic backlinks to boost their visibility.

Step-3: Discovering Promising Content

Figure 3 – Content

At the time the client joined us, their website had over 300 pieces of content – not all of which were easy to rank. We decided to focus on 20 content pieces containing easy-to-rank keywords with high search volumes.

Step-4: Tailor-made Blogger Outreach

In order to secure backlinks, our experienced team of webmasters started contacting niche-relevant websites with high domain authority and organic traffic in order to secure a backlink.

Since we already had around 50 target pages (30 low-hanging fruits and 20 promising content pieces) for building backlinks to, we knew precisely what we needed – the niche, the number of backlinks, and the DA/DR of the domains for us to target.

So what was the outcome?

During the past year, our team has successfully secured 250+ backlinks from guest posts for this client.

In order to secure relevant backlinks, we had to target domains with high organic traffic with backlinks from niche relevant articles.

How Can We Help You?

This is their story. There was even a Google algorithm update that couldn’t stop them from bringing in new traffic. As soon as they realized they needed help, they turned to us for relevant and expert assistance.

And what did we do?

In order to help the client achieve their traffic goals, we worked closely with them. It wasn’t quick, easy, or cheap, but it was effective.

So now it’s your turn: do you want your website traffic to skyrocket like this one? 

No matter what you need – backlinks, web content, or managed SEO – we’ve got you covered. 

Try our welcome offer today! I promise you’ll be satisfied with the results!

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