The popularity of online retail businesses is growing, as is the competition among entrepreneurs to increase their website sales and profitability. 

Having online visibility and generating organic traffic to your site are essential for that.

Here is a success story about a local business that started with 1.5K estimated organic traffic. In less than 10 months, MM Anis Academy helped them grow their organic traffic by 60 times (bringing in approximately 90K visitors per month).

We will be explaining step-by-step how we managed to accomplish this in this case study.


Local SEO
Figure 1 – Local SEO
Client Industry: SIMEX Bangladesh
Started Working With Us:January, 2021.
Organic Traffic When Started With Us: 500 (Ahrefs) – 1.5K Estimated Real Traffic
Organic Traffic Now:73K+ (Ahrefs) – 220K Estimated Real Traffic
Services We Provided::Outreach-based Guest Post backlink Service
Hard Point:Keywords Were Extremely Difficult to Rank.
Duration:10 Month
Total Number of Backlinks Secured So Far:66+

The client approached us about ten months ago asking for our help building their traffic.

Although they have been a major player in the industry, recently their online presence has been sluggish and their organic traffic has been low.

They were looking to increase sales through digital marketing and had some very ambitious goals. However, their websites did not rank in search engines. It was necessary to launch a full-scale SEO campaign to turn things around.

As of January 2021, we have been working with them to enhance their web presence.

Client’s Expectation Vs. Results

This client came to us to increase the number of organic visitors to their website by a few thousand. As a result, the keywords they wanted to rank for were some of the most challenging to work with, as well as some of the most competitive in the industry.

As a result of working with MM Anis Academy for about 10 months, they now rank #1 for this particular keyword.

MM Anis Academy helped them grow organic traffic from 500+ visitors per month to over 73K after only 10 months of working together!

Currently, the estimated real traffic is at least 3X. As a result, their real traffic has increased to 220K+.

What Did We Do to Succeed?

Figure 2 – SEO

To start off with, we conducted a detailed audit that assisted us in creating a road map for this project.

As a result of the audit, we were able to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the on-page and off-page SEO statuses of the website?
  2. What are their top competitors?
  3. What improvement (on-page and off-page) is needed to outrank the competitors?

As a result of this detailed analysis, it was easy for us to identify weak points and find suitable solutions.

There were three main problems that needed to be addressed urgently.

Detailed explanations of how we solved these problems can be found in the following sections:

Problem #1: Poor Competitive Position

A thorough analysis of the top 15 competitors was conducted to determine what factors contributed to their higher rankings.

According to our findings, they ranked for some excellent keywords with low competition and high search volume. By contrast, our client was only trying to rank for a few extremely difficult keywords.

We also found that the existing content on our client’s website was low quality and did not provide any value to the visitors or search engines. It was unstructured, unoptimized, and even lacking in search intent.

We were most surprised, however, by the poor quality of their backlink profile. Unlike most of their top competitors, our client had no more than 15 quality backlinks at the time.

In spite of this, a fortunate opportunity allowed us to build links for our client. Are you interested in how to do it? Take your time!

We’re on our way.

The Solution to Problem #1

1. Ideas For New Keywords

To find relevant and easy-to-rank keywords that our competitors were already ranking for, we conducted extensive keyword research. Additionally, our team pulled some excellent keywords that our competitors weren’t ranking for.

As a result of better keywords, we were all set to rank higher than everyone else.

2. Increased Content Quality

Our next goal was to create a content strategy that would be effective.

In order to gain an understanding of what our competitors are doing, we started by studying their strategies. After that, we developed a strategy for beating the competition by creating quality content.

It was decided that we would create and optimize content that would provide more value and information. 

As soon as the results became apparent, they were positive.

3. Improved Backlinks

We needed a better backlink strategy to improve organic ranking, better indexing, and referral traffic now that we had better keywords and content in place.

What we did was as follows:

The majority of the competitors’ backlinks were Web 2.0, PBNs, or link farms. In spite of that, we did not want to miss out on the high-quality backlink opportunities that our competitors had.

Through reverse engineering, we found high-quality backlink opportunities to enhance our competitive position. Additionally, we created targeted blogger outreach campaigns to secure in-content backlinks.

After implementing better keywords, content, and backlink strategies, we were in a competitive position to move forward.

Problem #2: Ineffective On-page Optimization

In order to secure backlinks for this particular client, another significant issue needed to be addressed – improving the on-page optimization. 

Let’s see how we handled this:

The Solution to Problem #2

1. Optimizing Speed

We needed to improve page speed since it is one of the critical factors used by Google’s algorithm to rank a site.

Our team took the necessary steps to speed up the page, such as optimizing its codes, images, and improving server response time. We had to make sure the images used in the content were not too large.

2. Mobile-friendly Website

Mobile Friendly
Figure 3 – Mobile Friendly

Due to the fact that mobile devices account for more than half of the total web traffic, their website had to be optimized for mobile devices. Moreover, it plays an important role in Google’s ranking algorithm.

Thus, we focused on mobile search optimization and made sure their site was optimized. 

3. Eliminating Duplicate Meta Tags

Duplicate metadata does not affect search engine rankings, but it might lower click-through rates. The duplicate metadata may also confuse search bots, causing them to skip the page. Because of this, our SEO specialists always recommend creating unique metadata for every page.

With unique titles and descriptions, we updated the metadata for all pages.

4. Optimizing for Featured Snippets

SEO Land estimates that 8.6% of SERP clicks come from featured snippets. If your website isn’t optimized for featured snippets, you won’t get one.

In order to get our client’s website featured snippets, what steps did we take?

As a first step, we identified promising content that was already ranking on the first page of Google. The next step was optimizing the content with proper headings (H2, H3, etc.), and breaking longer paragraphs into shorter blocks (40-60 words).

Within a few months of optimizing the website, the number of featured snippets tripled for the client. 

5. Improving Search Intent

In 2021, ranking a website will be more challenging than ever. When it comes to displaying search results that match exact search intent, Google is much more efficient and smarter. 

In conducting the audit for this client, we discovered that much of their content was not search-intent-optimized. 

Therefore, we started working on fixing some of the top pages of their website. Also, for the new content in the pipeline, we created a search intent optimization strategy.

So what happened? Over the next two months, the client’s website received a couple of thousand visitors without any backlinks!

6. Developing A Better Website Silo

You can group pages on your website according to their themes, categories, or types by siloing. By creating a silo for your website, search engines can crawl your site more easily and rank your pages accordingly.

As a result, search engines are able to crawl the website more easily and visitors enjoy a better browsing experience.

At this point, we had pretty much finished optimizing the pages on our website. 

Next, we needed to work on off-page optimization. 

Problem #3: Poor Off-page (backlink) Optimization:

Off Page SEO
Figure 4 – Off Page SEO

We set out to rank keywords with extremely difficult Keyword Difficulty (KD). There was one with 67 KD that was the hardest. As soon as we had completed competitor analysis and on-page optimization, we needed to develop an off-page optimization strategy.

As a result of our competitor analysis, we have already identified some excellent targets for backlinks. It was now time for us to dig deeper and secure niche-relevant, high-authority, contextual backlinks.

How did we accomplish this? Let’s explore the details!

The Solution to Problem #3

1. Building A Linkable Content Strategy

As a starting point, we created content that would help us drive backlinks.

The first thing we did was to optimize the existing content, which was the low-hanging fruit. As a next step, we created new content based on our newly discovered keywords.

We set out to get backlinks from niche-relevant websites with high traffic after knowing our target content and keywords.  

2. Obtaining 50+ High-quality In-content Backlinks

For this client, our strategic guest post link-building strategy based on blogger outreach has been a game-changer!

Unlike other SEO companies, we do not get backlinks from link-farms or private blog networks. It’s not even necessary for us to use a database of listed websites.

Specifically, we secured guest post backlinks for this client by reaching out to blogger contacts hand-picked by us.

The importance of niche relevance and referring domain traffic was one of our major agendas before securing backlinks.

It is through this approach that we have been able to bring success to this client. To increase your sales or visitors and to rule the online world, get in touch with trusted MM Anis Academy without any further delay.

How Can We Help You?

Backlinks are crucial to ranking higher on Google if you want to improve your website’s traffic.

If you do not know your competition and how many links you need to build to get your website to the top, this game is not for you.

In our experience, many clients do not know what their competitors are up to, which is very unfortunate.

As exhilarating as this project was, it was also eye-opening to learn what data-backed backlinking campaigns can do for a website.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to achieve your desired ranking in SERP, we’re here to help.

Are you unable to believe what you read? Take advantage of our welcome offer and see the results for yourself!

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