If you own a web site, surely you want to appear in Google’s search results at the top? For this purpose, the owner of Clipping World contacted us a few months ago and we provided him with SEO services.

He had a new website. It may surprise you to know that we increased their site traffic by 1140% within three months. Is it true that it actually happened?

It is yet another success story for MM Anis Academy. Following is a case study on how we have helped clients achieve organic traffic and keyword rankings from 0 to 2 thousand in six months.

The whole story will be explained in this article from the very beginning to the very end.

If you want, you can apply the same formula to your website. Let’s get started without wasting any more time.


Figure 1 – SEO
Client Industry: Clipping World
Started Working With Us:April, 2021.
Organic Traffic When Started With Us: 0 (Worked With Us From The Beginning).
Service We Provided: Keyword Rank, Organic Traffic, Backlink Services.
Duration:6 Months
Organic Traffic Now:2000+ Organic Traffic
Organic Keyword Rank:3000+
Note:Increase In Total Clicks, Increase In Traffic Value.

Client’s Expectation Vs. Results

It was April 2021 when the client approached us with plans for a completely new website. The client wanted to rank for keywords and increase organic traffic.

Are you able to guess what happened next?

We contributed to a traffic increase of 2k organic visitors and a keyword ranking increase of 3000 in less than 6 months.

What Did We Do to Succeed?

It has been our pleasure to work with this client from the beginning. I did not expect so much organic traffic and keyword rankings in 6 months.

Throughout the following steps, we will explain in detail how we achieved each of these goals.

Step-1: Increase site traffic

Website Traffic
Figure 2 – Website Traffic

In the beginning, we targeted 150+ countries to bring traffic to the site within 3-4 months.

Our client’s site had no organic keywords or traffic since we were starting from scratch.

Initially, we worked on keyword research, SEO planning, and quality content.

In the first month alone, we received 107 keyword impressions. In accordance with the Google Search Console data, 151 keywords have been ranked on the site.

However, let’s look at the number of countries we’re receiving impressions from.

Using Ahref’s data, we received 49, 13 and 7 organic keywords from America, India, and the United Kingdom, respectively.

Moreover, Google Search Console data shows that we received impressions from 79 countries.

From 79 countries, we received 151 organic keywords, impressions, and visitors in the first month.

Now let’s move on to the next month. How did we do? Did we meet our goals? Let’s see what happens.

Step-2: Content Optimization & Quality Foundation Links

Afterwards, we mainly focused on the optimization of the content and the creation of quality foundation links. With the help of our expert team, we were able to make the content both SEO friendly and engaging at the same time.

What about backlinks? In our link building process, we place a greater emphasis on quality over quantity. The number of backlinks gradually increased as a result of this.

There has been an increase in the number of backlinks from 7 to 40. Moreover, the number of organic keywords has also increased at the same time. Not only that, but the position of the keywords is also increasing as well.

A total of 460 organic keywords have been added. As you can see, everything is going well so far. The number of impressions in this month’s report came from 132 countries around the world. In terms of an Adsense project, what could be better than this?

It was our commitment that visitors would begin coming within three months. The 2nd month has already been completed.

Step-3: Adding Content, Analyzing Foundation Links & Competitors’ Backlinks

In the next step, we plan to add more content, analyze foundation links, and analyze competitors’ backlinks. In general, we place more emphasis on off-page SEO.

So what’s the result?

Let me first discuss backlinks as an answer to this question. Since backlinks take time to index, many backlinks from previous months are indexed now. There was an increase in backlinks this month for this page.

The number of backlinks has increased to 1.68 thousand this month! We are seeing positive growth in referring domains, organic keywords, and traffic value.

What exactly is it? In the Google Search Console report, 802 organic keywords were added.

It is this combination of keyword research, SEO planning, and quality content that makes the difference. We have implemented everything brilliantly by our SEO experts.

Step-4: Content, Niche Related Links and Powerful Backlinks

SEO Optimization
Figure 3 – SEO Optimization

As you know, we start from scratch. We started from scratch, and now the site’s something to talk about. Then we take this potential to the next level with content, niche-related links, and powerful backlinks.

In order to see what the results are, let’s start with backlinks.

Almost 2 thousand backlinks were acquired in the previous month compared to 1.6 thousand in the previous month. The number of organic keywords, traffic, and traffic value continues to grow.

The majority of traffic comes from the United States. Additionally, the keyword’s position is improving as well. Our client’s site outperforms some powerful ones.

It will surprise you to learn that the number of clicks went up from 154 to more than 1000 in one go!

I think this is a really great feature for any site. The number of impressions reached 20 thousand as well. Additionally, organic keywords increased from 802 to 1000.

Impressions came from 182 countries. After just four months, what else can be expected?

Step-5: Off Page SEO

As of now, we are in the 5th month of the project. Already, our 6-month commitment has been fulfilled. Within five months, traffic has increased significantly.

We focused mainly on Off-Page SEO this month, such as Niche Related Backlinks, Competitor Backlinks, and Other Powerful Backlinks.

We had good results this month as well. The number of referring domains, organic keywords, and traffic are all growing exponentially. Compared to last month, organic traffic has tripled. There are 144 to 185 referring domains! The number of organic keywords increased from 800 to 1500.

In addition, the traffic value increased by four times from last month to $221.

The number of clicks this month is more than three times what it was last month! That’s more than hope, isn’t it? In total, we got 1000 stub keywords.

Step-6: Achieving The Goal

Improve Your SEO Ranking
Figure 4 – Improve Your SEO Ranking

At this point, the client had very high expectations. Alhamdulillah, we have been successful in fulfilling it as always this month. We expected a good improvement this month, and we got it.

The number of organic keywords increased from 1500 to 3100. The site’s organic traffic has also increased and reached 2600 this month. The traffic value last month was 221 USD, but this month it is 472 USD.

This month, the total number of clicks increased to 8.38 thousand from 3.29 thousand last month! Additionally, total impressions increased from 60 thousand to almost two goals.

In other words, the 6 months of our project are over and the results are in front of you.

How Can We Help You?

Our success story shows how we went from 0 to 3000+ organic keywords in just 6 months. It is my hope that this information will be useful to you in planning your site.

In order to help the client achieve their traffic goals, we worked closely with them. Though it wasn’t easy, quick, or cheap, what we did was effective.

  Don’t you find that surprising? There is MM Anis Academy to help you if you would like to see yourself in this position also.

Let us give you a warm welcome today; I promise you’ll be happy with the results!

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